Tomato Tango 2016 Date Announced

Hi everyone. We finally have a date for Tomato Tango this year: Saturday, June 25th from 8 to Noon. Usually we have to wait to see what the tomato crops are doing to give you the best tasting tomato sandwiches every year.

So come by Cathedral Square in Downtown Mobile to eat some fresh tomato sandwiches and drink our homemade herb-flavored tea. All proceeds go to maintaining our Herb Garden in the Mobile Botanical Gardens. If you’d like to help advertise this event, here’s a printable flyer for you to download. We’ll see you there!

TOMATO TANGO 2016 Flyer Tomato Tango Flyer

Marketplace at Mobile Botanical Gardens starts April 16th

The Mobile Botanical Garden starts its Marketplace tomorrow, which will take place every Saturday until the end of June. Please support the Botanical Gardens by buying some plants for your home. Think of it as the once a week version of the Plantasia plant sale. They only sell native plants or plants that do well in the Mobile climate, so there’s no better place to go for easy to grow items. Visit the Mobile Botanical Gardens’ web site to learn more.

While you’re there, stop by the Sybil Burnett Herb Garden, which the Herb Society maintains.

APRIL MEETING 2016 – Household Beds

The Gulf Coast Herb Society officially tends the Mobile Botanical Gardens’ herb garden, which is divided into different themed beds. Our meeting for April will feature a presentation on one of those beds, the Household Bed. The bed’s nurturers will talk about what is growing there and the herbs’ usage. An herb-based meal and refreshments will be provided at the meeting.

The meeting will take place 5:30pm, Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 . We hold all of our meetings in the Botanical Center of the Mobile Botanical Gardens located in Langan Park.

The address for the Mobile Botanical Gardens is:
5151 Museum Dr
Mobile, AL 36608